Eyebrow Enhancement

Eyebrow enhancements are the biggest trend in cosmetic tattoos right now, and for good reason! The eyebrows frame your face and can change the way the world perceives you before you’ve even started to speak. Properly shaped, full eyebrows can make you look decades more youthful while adding balance & symmetry to your overall appearance. And on top of that, permanent eyebrow makeup gives you the power to wake up made up every single day, without the hassle and fuss of a daily routine of brow shaping and filling!

Right now, microblading is in the spotlight and it seems just about everyone is having it done. While microblading is definitely one of the services I offer, it’s not the answer, not the best technique for everyone. Depending on skin type, any previous permanent makeup, healing factors and desired outcome, some people may be better suited to a nano or machine stroke brow, or to ombré, powder brows or shaded brows, or even a blade & shade or combination brow.

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