Lash Line Enhancement

A Lash Line Enhancement tattoo, also known as just a Lash Enhancement or Invisible Eyeliner Tattoo, is where a dark brown or blackish color is tattooed in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and a completely full set of lashes without it looking lined or like obvious makeup is being worn.

The tattoo itself can be as thin or as thick as your own natural eyelashes, and does not traditionally have a flick, wing or extended tip on the end.

This is a subtle eyelash enhancement that can be done on the top, or the bottom, or on both eyelids, and the procedure itself is suitable to both men and women. Lash enhancement is great for everyone; especially those with lot of lash gaps and sparse natural lashes, as thicker looking lashes accentuate the beauty of the eyes, and tend to make us look more youthful. No one will know you’ve had anything done, but your eyes will be more permanently defined & gorgeous. Whether you want fuller looking eyelashes, the no-makeup vibe, or need a solid base for your cat eye styling every morning, the lash line enhancement tattoo is perfect for you!

A topical anesthetic is used to numb the area before your procedure starts, making this procedure as comfortable for you as possible. Clients often report the Lash Line Enhancement procedure is more ticklish and even stressful (because work is being done around your eye and we’re naturally protective of the eyes), as opposed to actually being painful.

We use the highest quality tattoo machine, a Nouveau Contour IQ, for eyelash enhancement procedures. During the tattoo process, the IQ hand-piece constantly measures the skin resistance and automatically adjusts the needle frequency and needle pressure for optimal and even pigmentation. The right balance ensures the best results and precise pigmentation.

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Special considerations for people wanting eyeliner tattoos are:

  • Eyeliner cannot be tattooed onto people wearing eyelash extensions.
  • Use of lash growth serums should be avoided at least 4-6 weeks prior to the appointment. Growth serum use may cause extensive bleeding and bruising of the eyelid area after the eyeliner tattoo procedure.
  • At the time of your appointment, remove contact lenses (if worn) and come prepared to wear glasses home. Some client’s find it easiest to have someone else drive for them after the appointment.
  • Bring sunglasses. While not common and we do everything in our power to prevent it, if the anesthetic gets into the eye some client’s experience light sensitiveness for 24-48 hours after the eyeliner procedures. Having sunglasses on hand is helpful just in case.

For further information and in order to prepare for your cosmetic tattoo appointment, please check out our Before Your Appointment page, in addition to the Aftercare Instruction page.

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