Services & Prices

Chrystal is well trained in permanent makeup, and is pleased to offer you the below comprehensive list of services:

Microblading – Initial Appointment $350
Microblading – 6 to 8 week follow up $100
Microblading – after 8 weeks to 1 year $250
Microblading – post 1 year Regular rate as above
PMU Brows: (ombrè / powder brows) $350
PMU Brows: (full shaded) $350
PMU Brows: (hair stroke pattern) $350
PMU Brows: (blade & shade / combination) $450
PMU Eyeliner: (top and bottom lash line enhancements suitable for male & female) $300
PMU Eyeliner: (top or bottom lash line enhancements suitable for male & female) $150
PMU Eyeliner: (top small with/without wing) $300
PMU Eyeliner: (top medium with/without wing) $400
PMU Eyeliner: (top large with/without wing) $500
PMU Eyeliner: (top ombrè wedge) $500
PMU Lip: (liner) $500
PMU Lip: (blended liner) $600
PMU Lip: (blush) $700
PMU Lip: (full) $800
PMU Touch Up: (for current clients – up to 8 weeks post procedure only) $100
Fixing someone else’s shit job Add $150 to above prices

Permanent Makeup / Microblading should be considered a 2-step, 2-appointment (at minimum) process. A touch-up appointment, booked no sooner than 6 weeks after your initial appointment, is necessary for optimum results.

Saline Tattoo Lifting $150 (flat rate per appointment)

Multiple tattoo lifting sessions are necessary and full removal of previous work may not be possible. The number of sessions required will vary according to desired outcome, the original tattoo size, the location on the body, quality and depth of the implantation of the original ink, and the healing factors of the individual.

GST is NOT included in the above fees & will be added at the time of payment.

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