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I am thrilled to be Vancouver Island’s FIRST to offer Saline Tattoo Removal / Lifting! You read that right! It’s tattoo removal or lightening without the use of a laser! There IS an all natural way to get rid of that inked mistake you once made that’s been taunting you ever since! This is tattoo removal/lifting using an all-natural, sterile, saline solution!

How does saline tattoo lifting work?
Remember 9th grade chemistry class when we learned all about salt content in water and osmosis? Your skin cell walls are made of semipermeable membranes allowing only certain sized particles to pass through. Saline tattoo lifting uses osmosis to pull the inked contents of those cells out.

Saline Tattoo Removal / Lifting via Osmosis

You can read more about osmosis if you’re interested, here.

Your tattoo ink has been implanted into your skin cells. By introducing a completely organic, sterile, hypertonic saline (salt) solution right next to the membranes of those cells, the saline acts to pull the water right out of the cell, with the old ink still attached to its molecules! The ink will then scab on the surface of your skin with your lymph and blood as it coagulates, and will fall off as your scab does through your natural healing process.

Multiple treatments are necessary for removal and full removal may not be possible. Results will vary according to tattoo size, location on the body, quality and depth of the implantation of the ink, and the healing factors of the individual.

What makes saline tattoo removal better than laser removal?

The hypertonic saline solution is an all-natural, organic and completely sterile product. The procedure itself involves breaking the skin using a tattoo machine or a hand tool and depositing the saline solution in a similar manner as to how the tattoo pigment was implanted in the first place. As your skin heals, the saline solution pulls the ink to the surface and into the scab that will form. When your body naturally sheds the scab, it will also shed some of the ink that was once thought to be a permanent part of you.

Lasers use pulses of light to break up the tattoo ink below the surface of your skin. Results will vary depending on the type of laser used, the types and color of ink targeted and the client’s natural skin tone. Some colors of ink cannot be removed using laser and people with darker shades of skin are not good candidates for the procedure at all. Once laser has broken up pigment within the skin, the ink particles are sent deeper into your body, via your blood and lymphatic systems. It’s been rumored that the ink has been found in large quantities within people’s lymph nodes. Saline tattoo removal pulls the pigment, any color of pigment from any skin tone, right out, using virtually the same path that the pigment was implanted via.

Does saline tattoo removal leave a scar?

The reality is, your tattoo itself is a scar. With saline tattoo removal, like any form of tattoo removal, some scarring or color variations are likely. It can take up to a full year from the last manipulation for your skin to fully complete healing. The degree of scarring will vary depending on the original tattoo itself, the client’s healing properties, and the aftercare regime followed. Unlike a tattoo, with saline tattoo removal, our goal is to create a scab that will shed with the ink. If you pick at the scab during the healing process, you will almost definitely scar.

Does saline tattoo removal hurt?

We use a topical anesthetic to numb the procedure area before we start working. The procedure itself really shouldn’t hurt at all.

Will saline tattoo removal work for the shitty microblading job I had done?

Yup! That’s exactly the reason I got into this industry. I took a microblading course and decided that I couldn’t risk mucking up a person’s face without being able to offer some sort of out, eventually. The reality is, microblading training varies and in many cases a typical two-day course isn’t enough to train a person how to properly apply a semi-permanent tattoo to someone’s brow line. The industry is on the verge of exploding and as it does, we are seeing more and more crappy face tattoos than ever before! I’m pleased to bring this corrective service to the island to help fix these cases!

Are there any tattoos that you can’t or won’t remove?

Scalp tattoos, lip tattoos and permanent eyeliner are all areas that I am not comfortable performing saline tattoo removal on. For these areas, I recommend you see another removal specialist. In addition, the saline tattoo removal requires breaking your skin. In order to ensure the lowest possible chance of infection, and the best healing results, only small areas of approximately 1-inch squared can be removed at any single time. This procedure works best on small tattoos. Larger tattoos require multiple appointments over extended periods of time to allow for coagulation and scabbing in-between.  Laser is a far better option for larger tattoos.

How much does it cost?

Each appointment is charged at a basic rate of $150 + GST.

The number of appointments required will depend on the original tattoo and your personal healing process. Many small tattoos may be greatly faded with just one or two sessions.

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